Yesterday we received a silence alert from 90.5 in Brevard, broadcasting BPR Classic. I couldnt reach the Barix (IP audio streaming device) that should supply the translator. This isn’t the first time a Barix has failed so I started prepping our spare this morning. After waiting for a freight shipment to come in I headed south to Rich Mt.

On arriving I was greeted with a surprising and rather unwelcome sight. Some enterprising rodent pulled one of our rack blanks out of the way and took to using our equipment rack for its winter food stash and nesting space.

I was able to clean enough out that I didn’t feel it was a fire hazard, but it will take another trip with respirators and a shop-vac to clean the rest out. After digging around I found the reason the Barix was unresponsive. The new squatter bit right through the power cable to the unit. We will be back with steel wool and foam to hopefully prevent future occupancy.

Bonus – twilight from Rich Mt.