Update: Our streaming services have been restored with Apple Music and Internet Radio in iTunes.

Update: Our streaming services have been restored to optimal operations for all services except for Apple Music. We continue to work on this issue and hope to have it resolved soon. Unfortunately we are unable to provide an ETA for resolution at this time.

Update: Issues impacting our internet streams have been resolved for our website, mobile app, TuneIn (Sonos, Alexa, Google Home). We are still working with other providers to update our streaming links. We should have all others updated by 4/26/19. If you are still having issues please let us know by sending an email to tech@bpr.org.

We have had ongoing quality issues with our internet streams for several weeks now which have worsened to the point that our stream is not working on some platforms (Sonos, TuneIn,…). We have worked with our provider and do have working streams as of now that we have updated on our Website Player and Mobile Application. We are working to update our streaming links for third party service providers such as TuneIn and Sonos. This process can take several days for them to implement.

Listeners impacted by the Sonos outage can manually add the working station urls listed below to bypass the issue.

BPR News: https://live.wostreaming.net/direct/wncpr-wcqshd2mp3-icy2

BPR Classic: https://live.wostreaming.net/direct/wncpr-wcqshd1mp3-icy2

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through this process.