We received our new studio furniture for the first three studios to get remodeled/upgraded. It was quite a job getting all the packages into the station and unpacked.

We worked with Forecast Consoles to design furniture to fit our existing rooms and meet the requirements of our air staff and our growing organization. This involved multiple meetings with our air staff and Pasquale Barbuto (Senior Designer at Forcast Consoles) to work out all the details and come up with the final design.

We had a long list of requirements for the new studio furniture. Some of those include:

  • Standardized layout between studios to provide a consistent experience for Air Staff.
  • Sit-Stand Consoles (Some Air Staff prefer to stand while working).
  • ADA Compliance.
  • Improved accommodations for guest.
  • Improved line of sight between host and guest.
  • Improved line of sight from control rooms to production rooms.
  • More efficient use of space and reduced clutter.
  • Improved access to studio equipment.
  • Improved wire management.

Here is an overview of all the studios to be upgraded.

We have received the furniture for Studio B, Talk Studio and Studio D.

Here is a more detailed look at Studio A and Studio B. These two studios will mirror each other and serve as fully redundant on-air studios. They also will have the ability to accommodate up to two guests for interviews and have control abilities for the Talk Studio which can accommodate an additional 4 guest.

Here is a more detailed look at the Talk Studio. The furniture in this studio will have the ability to pivot and face Studio A or Studio B allowing the room to focus on off-air audio production or on-air events. We also plan to add audio/visual capabilities to this room providing space for attending webinars and audio/video conferencing.

Here is a more detailed look at our new Studio D. This studio will primarily be used by our staff to record news stories and breaks for playback with space for interviews with one guest. This will be a new studio space, raising our capacity from 4 to 5.


Installation of furniture and equipment in the new studios should be completed early to mid June. Stay tuned for more updates!