Today between 10 AM and 1 PM we will be switching our origination broadcast from our current systems (+20 years old) to our newly installed broadcast systems.

While minimal, this will cause some interruptions to all aspects of our broadcast systems. Thanks for understanding as we make this move.

This is a monumental moment for this organization and the community we serve. This was not an upgrade of a single component of our systems, but a compete rebuild from the ground up.

That being the case we expect there will be issues to iron out as we go live. We welcome feed back from the community at If you want to report something please provide the time, which station you were listening to (BPR News or BPR Classic) and how you were listening (radio & frequency, streaming).

In the coming months we will be detailing this project in detail on our blog. We look forward to sharing our journey with you and specific improvements it brings.