VPR got their thank you gift from us this week.

Note from Frank Alwine an engineer at VPR …

“It was a good morning at Vermont Public Radio!

Imagine my surprise to get not 1, but 2 boxes of incredible goodies from BPR! Speechless. Thank you so much! And a wonderful card signed by your staff – tell them all we said *thank you* too!”

For those that do not know they retired their Logitek Audio System which is the same audio boards and audio routing system we are on. They gifted us most of the retired equipment to help us keep our systems running a little longer.

We sent them a selection of barbecue sauce from 12 Bones, 12 Bones cook book, a sampling of beers from local breweries and station swag including BPR pint glasses. Special thanks to Bruisin’ Ales for helping us select and deliver the beer.

Here is the list of beers they got for those interested.

Highland ‘Daycation’ 12oz Sgl
Highland ‘Gaelic’ 12oz Sgl
Highland ‘Black Mocha’ 12oz Sgl
Highland ‘AVL IPA’ 12oz Sgl
Highland ‘Oatmeal Porter’ 12oz Sgl
Highland ‘Clawhammer’ 12oz Sgl
Green Man ‘Rambler’ 12oz Sgl
Green Man ‘Harvester’ 12oz Sgl
Hi-Wire ‘Lager’ 12oz Sgl
Hi-Wire ‘Lo-Pitch’ 12oz Sgl
Hi-Wire ‘Zirkusfest’ 12oz Sgl
Hi-Wire ‘Bed of Nails’ Brown 12oz Sgl
Brevard ‘Bohemian Pilsner’ 12oz (Can)
Brevard ‘Munich Dunkel’ 12oz (Can)
Sweeten Creek ‘Summer Sun’ Wit 12oz (Can)
Sweeten Creek ‘Pilsner’ 12oz (Can)
ABC ‘828 Pale Ale’ 12oz (Can)
ABC ‘Shiva’ 12oz (Can)
Catawba Valley ‘Brown Bear’ 12oz (Can)
ABC ‘Lemon Space Dog’ 12oz (Can)
Green Man ‘Lager’ 12oz (Can)
Hi-Wire ‘Apricot Blonde’ 12oz (Can)
Hi-Wire ‘Gose’ 12oz (Can)
Catawba ‘Black Dome’ 12oz (Can)
Bhramari ‘Mollys Lips’ 12oz (Can)
Bhramari ‘Lorelai’ 12oz (Can)
Bhramari ‘Painted Fort’ 12oz (Can)
Green Man ‘Wayfarer’ 12oz (Can)
ABC ‘Perfect Day’ 12oz (Can)
Wicked Weed ‘Lt Dank’ 12oz (Can)
Wicked Weed ‘Coolcumber’ 12oz (Can)
ABC ‘Ninja’ 12oz (Can)
Burial ‘Surf Wax’ 12oz (Can)
Burial ‘Hawkbill’ 12oz (Can)
Burial ‘Bonedagger’ 12oz (Can)
Burial ‘Premium’ 12oz (Can)